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The MSR rotating electrode is the most popular rotating electrode configuration worldwide. The MSR now includes both CE and ETL marks.
This flexible design may be used with Rotating Disk Electrodes (RDE), Rotating Ring-Disk Electrodes (RRDE), and Rotating Cylinder Electrodes(RCE).

MSR Rotator

SKU: 0000
  • The Pine Research Instrumentation AFMSRCE rotator is an electrochemical measuring instrument often used for fundamental research on battery and fuel cell materials.  This measuring instrument bears the CE Mark and ETL Mark and is intended for use with most international power configuration standards. As the most recent addition to our popular electrode rotator family, the AFMSRCE may be used with Rotating Disk Electrodes (RDE), Rotating Ring-Disk Electrodes (RRDE), and Rotating Cylinder Electrodes (RCE).

    The rotation rate of the electrode may be read from the LCD display on the front panel, and the rate may be adjusted using the knob located just below this display . The rotation rate is adjustable over a range from 50 to 10,000 RPM and is accurate to within 1% of the reading on the display. A voltage output signal that is proportional to the rotation rate is available on the front panel. This signal may be used to monitor the rotation rate using an external voltmeter or data acquisition system.

    If desired, the rotation rate may be controlled by applying an input signal to a pair of banana jacks on the front panel. This allows the rotation rate to be modulated by a sine wave, square wave, or other externally generated waveform. The outstanding acceleration characteristics of the system allow the rotation rate to follow the input signal with very little error. This feature is particularly desirable for hydrodynamically modulated voltammetry.

    The rotator motor unit is easily raised or lowered with respect to the cell platform, making immersion or removal of the rotating electrode tip quick and easy. The enclosure base is made from chemically resistant polypropylene, and the large enclosure window provides a good view of rotating electrode during operation.  (A smaller base is available separately for use in mounting the rotator in a glove box or fume hood.)

    Electrode connections are made to the rotating shaft using silver-carbon brushes. There are two pairs of contacts – the red pair is for the disk, and the blue pair is for the ring.

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